The East Fam is redefining FAMe. It’s no longer about who knows your name or how many people follow you. It’s not about making millions or filling arenas. 

Real FAMe… is about using the influence you already have in your daily life for good.

We believe every person has the potential to be FAMeous. And no, we aren’t talking about being popular (no Mean Girls here). 

You want to know what really stands out? 

Living an authentic life full of love, faith, and joy. Going out of your way to love the people around you better today than you did yesterday. 

In a “me” focused society where most people are told to just look out for number one--THAT is stand-out. 

There’s never been another you, and there never will be again. Sit with that for a second. This is not an inspirational quote on Instagram. It’s the truth. You have something unique to offer the people you come into contact with every day.

What you DO with that influence? ...Now that’s up to you. 

How you impact others around you with what you’ve been given determines your FAMe. 

What are you best at? Are you a good listener? Good at making people laugh? Always there for a helping hand?

The world is starving for real celebrities--people who are well known for making the world around them better. 

You have the talents and gifts inside of you to make a real difference. Real FAMe is inside of you. What will you be known for? 

FAMe is being confident in who you are and who you were made to be.